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making land work for us all

Making Land work for us all

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What does LEMU do?

Research | Policy Analysis | Grass Roots Work

1 Research

LEMU has carried out Research Studies which have been widely disseminated.
  A Land Market for Poverty Eradication?
  Land Matters in Displacement
  Land rights: where we are and where we need to go.

2 Policy analysis

LEMU has used the understanding gained through empirical research to analyse policy and make recommendations to a variety of actors. This analysis is contained in a series of policy briefs and information packs which continue to be produced. These are aimed at a variety of audiences – some are to help influence Government policy, others are guidance for village or clan institutions.
Policy Documents available include:
  Protection and land rights.
  Titling of customary land.
  Does customary tenure have a role in modern economic development?

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3 Grass roots work

It is not enough to undertake research and write papers! LEMU also works closely with communities and individuals at the grass roots to help them to protect and develop their own land rights.

LEMU is currently working with traditional institutions in Lango and Teso regions (in Northern and Eastern Uganda), to help them understand how they need to adapt to new economic and legal realities in the 21st century. By analysing with them the problems which are arising, LEMU has helped them to identify ways forward. Ordinances have been drafted, giving procedures to be followed when customary land is sold, and to re-establish traditional courts to hear land disputes.

LEMU also gives occasional legal advice, both to individuals and to District Councils, helping to protect land rights. Unfortunately, this work is limited by resources, so LEMU has to choose strategic cases, e.g. those which can help set legal precedent to benefit others in the future.
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For more information on land or on LEMU’s work, please contact:
LEMU, POB 23722 Kampala,

Tel: 041 576818  or   077856212